Monday, February 28, 2011

Pay no ransoms - NONE!

News out of Afghanistan says a Canadian is missing:

Taliban claim to have captured Canadian

Ontario man had been in Afghanistan for a month

Posted: Feb 28, 2011 6:19 AM ET

Taliban insurgents claim they have captured an Ontario man who is missing in Afghanistan.

The Taliban published a statement Sunday that claimed a Canadian "spy" had been captured in Ghazni city, in the eastern part of the country.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that Colin Rutherford is missing in Afghanistan. They said he was travelling through the country as a tourist...[emphasis mine] (Read more here)

Leaving aside the foolishness of anyone going to a country engulfed in war as a tourist, War on Terror News has this to say:


Pax Americana


The Official Policy of the United States is and has been for decades that we "don't negotiate with terrorists." It's a great policy, so long as its practiced. It can be difficult for the families of hostages, who really don't care as much about the long term effects, as they do about getting their loved one back. For them, it doesn't matter who spends how much to whom, as long as their loved one walks away, as soon, and as unharmed as possible.

The problem is that if hostage takers get their way, it gives them an incentive to take more hostages. Conversely, if the bad guys realize that hostage taking is a losing proposition, they'll decide against the practice.

I propose (and others have in the past) a policy of Pax Americana. (Pax Britanica for our pals in Britain, and other names for other Nations with the stomach for it.) The policy is simply: if you're stupid enough to attack American Citizens, we will hunt you down and deliver justice to you. ...

WOTN has much more to say, and it is a MUST READ. Go HERE.

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