Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Canada: 200 Troops being sent to Ukraine

This just in - literally.

From the CBC:

Canada prepares to join in training Ukraine military
Most Canadian troops expected to be housed at NATO training centre in Ukraine's westCBC News  Apr 14, 2015

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced Canada will join a training mission to help Ukraine's beleaguered military.

After months of requests for help from the Ukrainian government, Tuesday morning's announcement represents the first time the Canadian Forces have joined Ukrainian forces in their struggle against Russian-backed rebels.

Up to 200 troops may be involved in a training mission that could last until 2017.


Canada's mission is an attempt to push back against the Russian regime of President Vladimir Putin. It may start within weeks.

Canada's British and American allies are already in Ukraine conducting training missions of their own. The U.S. is leading the effort Canada now joins....


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