Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Military kids ALSO Serve


From the DoD:

Military Kids Make Parents’ Service Possible, First Lady Says

By Lisa DanielAmerican Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, April 13, 2012 – First Lady Michelle Obama highlighted the shared sacrifices of military children while meeting with the teenage daughters of service members yesterday in Jacksonville, Fla.

“On behalf of myself and my husband, I want to tell you all truly how proud we are of you,” Obama told hundreds of high school girls, along with some of their parents, who greeted her at Naval Air Station Jacksonville. “We are so proud of you.  We are inspired by you, and we are grateful for everything that you do for this country every single day.”


“When we talk about how our men and women in uniform sacrifice so much and serve this country so bravely, we’re not just talking about your parents,” Obama said. “We are talking about all of you.  We’re talking about our military kids and our military families, because we know that when your parents are called to serve, you all serve right alongside them.

The first lady recognized the girls for their frequent forced relocations and dealing with deployed parents.

“When your parents get that call to pick up and move halfway across the country, you pick up and move right alongside them,” she said. “And then, just when you finally get settled in, just when you’re feeling comfortable and make friends and start fitting in, what happens?  That call comes again, right?”...

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