Thursday, April 16, 2015

Canada: Navy to name vessel after 100 year old living Hero

From CBC News:
Navy ship named after Margaret Brooke, 'naval hero' in SS Caribou sinking

Brooke tried to save fellow nurse's life after ferry torpedoed by German submarine in WWII

CBC News 
Apr 13, 2015Margaret Brooke was a nursing sister in the Royal Canadian Navy in 1942, and was on board the SS Caribou when it was hit by a German torpedo and sank off the coast of Newfoundland. (Submitted)

The Royal Canadian Navy announced Monday a new offshore patrol ship will be named after Dr. Margaret Brooke, who tried to save her friend when the SS Caribou ferry sank off the coast of Newfoundland during the Second World War.

The Caribou was torpedoed by a German submarine in the Cabot Strait on Oct. 14, 1942 and sank in five minutes.

Brooke, originally from Saskatchewan but living in B.C., was a military nursing sister working in a new naval hospital at the time.

She was en route to Port aux Basques, N.L., from North Sydney on the night the Caribou sank.

Brooke's family were visiting her on Friday for her 100th birthday and that's when she found about the news.

"I had no idea that anything like this was about to occur. It took me completely by surprise, and I'm greatly honoured," said Brooke.

"I think it's the first time they ever named a warship after an individual, let alone a woman."...

Margaret Brooke was celebrating her 100th birthday last week in Victoria, B.C., when she learned a new naval vessel would be named after her for her efforts trying to saving a friend when the SS Caribou was hit by a German torpedo in 1942. (Submitted)

GO read the rest of the harrowing details of this amazing slice of history.

Thank you for your Service, Ma'am..

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Unknown said...

Passing this along via my blog, thank you for this post. As a nurse,I always love to read the unknown stories of those nurses who served so selflessly in so many wars.