Monday, June 23, 2008

Things that make you.....

....want to vomit:

John McCain is up on the air with TV ads in a bunch of key states and Obama isn't. There's a big vacuum to fill. Luckily, we've got a secret weapon. Our new Iraq ad is the most effective ad we've ever put together. This isn't your average political ad--it lays out the truth about McCain's Iraq policy in a personal and compelling way. We just got the results back and polling shows that voters found it to be more persuasive than any other ad we've tested before.

Brought to you by the delusionists at There follows a very convenient way to contribute They even have a special chart to make it easy for you to contribute your dollars to their ad campaign. No! I will not give you the link.....;)

Then, in another contribution to the political debate, I had this sent to me:

This was sent in by our good friend Howie (some may also know him as John Howell who wrote quite a few Reader’s Posts at our old website format, also a Marine veteran) and was made by Tommy Chandler & Crew over at Chandler’s Watch in response to the “John McCain Wants To Kill My Baby” ad from…heh heh…[but I got it courtesy of Pat Dollard here]

Semper Fi. Ooh-rah, Marines!

And for a great commentary on this whole sorry mess, go to
Wake up America here.'Nuff

(H/T to Terri for the idea for this


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that a rebuttal was made to that horrid piece of claptrap from the MoveOn idiots.
Leave it to the Marines!!

Anonymous said...

Right on!!!
That's how we defeat the #$%^%$ at

My congratulations on a fine production. I'll be linking to this.

Al Czervic
Vietnam veteran and Soldier Dadlc

Anonymous said...

Great post Brat. I linked back to this one. Yep, that's us military moms. We just hand them over as soon as they stop drooling and poopin' in the diaper. I stay sarcastic to keep from getting bitter. :)