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9/11: Justice delayed...justice denied?

On September 11, 2001, the worst attack  on American soil - in history - took place.

"Today, our nation saw evil, the very worst of human nature, and we responded with the best of America, with the daring of our rescue workers, with the caring for strangers and neighbors who came to give blood and help in any way they could.

Immediately following the first attack, I implemented our government's emergency response plans. Our military is powerful, and it's prepared. Our emergency teams are working in New York City and Washington, D.C., to help with local rescue efforts..."

 [copyright Jack Delaney]

"Our first priority is to get help to those who have been injured and to take every precaution to protect our citizens at home and around the world from further attacks..."

President Bush on September 11:

The search is underway for those who are behind these evil acts. I've directed the full resources for our intelligence and law enforcement communities to find those responsible and bring them to justice. We will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor them.


This is a day when all Americans from every walk of life unite in our resolve for justice and peace. America has stood down enemies before, and we will do so this time.  

JUSTICE...  On September 20, 2001, President Bush gave the American response to this act of war, and the quest for justice began in earnest, as many nations stood with America as part of the Coalition of the Willing.

"...They will hand over the terrorists, or they will share their fate. ..."

As history has proved, the terrorists were not handed over to face justice,  even as they faced the might of the US Military and resources, alongside with the very willing Coalition partners who  continued to stand shoulder to shoulder with America, in the common goal of combating terrorism.

Today, as we mark twelve long years since that terrible day, self confessed terrorists and murderers. including Khalid Sheik Mohammad, are facing an American Military Tribunal as they have their every need (and then some) met on Guantanamo Bay.  Google KSM if you must, or put his name in the search engine here at top left, because I have written about him a few times.

The Military Commission in GITMO, in the slow steady march towards justice,  is in the stage of hearing defence motions by the murderer's lawyers...  The official site for schedules and transcripts is here.

The search is underway for those who are behind these evil acts. I've directed the full resources for our intelligence and law enforcement communities to find those responsible and bring them to justice. 

And so began the most public aspect of the hunt to "find those responsible... " and render appropriate justice.

 On May 2, 2011 we all watched and listened as this news of our brave Troops' successful  mission hit the media:

Yes, a major coup for the good guys,  as yes, one of the very public faces of our murderous enemies was sent to face the ultimate justice.  (72 virgins?  I doubt it!!!)  Reaction was swift from those most directly affected by this most fitting end to one of the most public faces of our enemies in this Global War on Terror.  I was able to share with you, at the time, the responses from 9/11 families whose loved ones perished that day, First Responders who dug through the rubble and the chaos of that day - and the months ahead -  and the families of our Military, who answered the call of our nations to fight against this murderous ideology. For their words, put "ObL is dead" in the search engine at top left of this site.

 The Delaney crew at Ground Zero on the news of  ObL's death.

Even as this success was celebrated from Ground Zero and around the world, not many of us harboured the delusion that bin Laden's death heralded the end of the hunt for those responsible for the horrific loss of life on 9/11 (and in the years since.) The Global War on Terror continued.

Many lives have continued to be impacted, many lives have been lost, and still those who love them  wait for justice.  Some form of justice is being played out in GITMO, where the Military Tribunal continues to ensure that KSM, and conspirators,  is afforded every respect.  Not much of this is covered in the mainstream media, and you could (maybe) be forgiven for believing that these poor scmucks in GITMO are being terribly abused, and trampled on by the evil American Military.  This Aint Hell, a Veteran-run site, has twice had observers at GITMO,  documenting some of the events there, as the defendants' lawyers continue to raise absurd motions that are guaranteed to ensure that the wheels of justice grind exceedingly slowly..from complaints about the lack of olives in the murderers' food, to one of the defendant's lawyers wearing a burqa, and demanding that all other females in the courtroom do likewise - as a sign of respect to KSM and cohorts, doncha know - to AG Holder attempting to interfere with the process by having this all moved to civilian courts on US soil; despite all this, the Military Tribunal continues.  This Aint Hell has archives of their observations.  Go here and put "GITMO" in their search engine, and read their insights. Likewise, if you put "GITMO" in the top left of this site, you will find 9/11 family, the Fairbens,  reactions and thoughts on the circus that is GITMO.

As stated, the msm has apparently moved on from 9/11 and we see very few column inches or airtime devoted to what is happening in GITMO unless one of the newspapers decides to print an inmate's op/ed drivel.  Yep, that really happened recently as one of them hit the newspaper to complain about the injustice his faces every day down there..titled

The Gut-Wrenching Times Op-Ed a Gitmo Prisoner Dictated Over the Phone

and published in April 2013 as the self imposed hunger strike continued. The casual, unconnected reader could be forgiven (maybe) for swallowing the "we are the victims here" swill.   I wrote my own thoughts on the hunger strike: GITMO hunger strikers:  Let them eat...or NOT!!

Steven Crowder visited GITMO back in 2009 and filmed what he saw there of the terrible conditions (yes, that was Brat sarcasm!) these enemy combatants suffer on a daily basis

JusticeAs we face yet another anniversary of 9/11, I asked for the thoughts of those who face the INjustice on a daily basis of the murders of innocents of that infamous terrorist act.  Each of them graciously gave me permission to quote them verbatim, and that is exactly what I share with you here:

Ken Fairben, father of Keith Fairben, a Paramedic who gave his life on 9/11 as he worked selflessly to save civilians at the World Trade Center:

 I have been attending the Pre Trial hearings since they have begun...I observe the proceedings from Ft. Hamilton Brooklyn, New York, via closed circut t.v.   I can say that it is extremely frustrating watching the proceedings and the motions being filed by both sides.   Some of these motions are just down right foolish... I believe that Judge Pohl is doing an outstanding job and has shown great patients throughout...  These FIVE accused (have to be politically correct)  are being given so much latitude that I sometimes feel they are making a mockery of our judicial system...

These FIVE have been allowed to decide if they will attend court hearings each day.  They can REFUSE to come to court and remain in the detention area...My God,  can you see the average AMERICAN citizen in a jail deciding wheather or not he or she feels like going to court!!!!   I believe that our system is bending over backwards to accommodate these FIVE... We are sooo afraid of what the world will think of us if we just try them and sentence  them...The FIVE have every thing that they need, dietary needs,  legal assistance,  medical care,  etc...It just amazes me...

The "FIVE" belong right where they are.....The Military Tribunal is in place...each one of the defendants has  Learned Council (specializing in Capital Murder Cases) another intermitter Attorney plus an intermitter... They are confined in a safe and secure location...They have EVERYTHING that they could possibly want...Transporting them to and from hearings is simple, no logistic problems moving them...   Now just imagine bringing them into the United States?   Where would you house them?  Just think of the problem bringing them from their holding areas to the court.  Security for these FIVE would be momentous...and just think of what this cost would be to the citizens.    These FIVE are Military combatants,  they were the minds behind the murder of 3,000 innocent people that morning...NO, THEY BELONG RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE... THE PRESIDENT AND MR HOLDER SHOULD STAY OUT OF THE PROCESS AND LET JUSTICE BE DONE...These two only have a political agenda and it is NOT FOR THE GOOD OF AMERICA.

  I truly believe that there will be justice from this Tribunal if it is allowed to move forward without the President and Mr. Holder interfering...Yes, one day and i hope that I live long enough to see this come to a conclusion.  These FIVE will be judge fairly...I truly believe that.   THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CLOSURE and I am only speaking for myself....I do not speak on behalf of anyone else but myself...   Every individual has THEIR right to feel and express their feelings and each and everyone of them should be RESPECTED....

Much the same as Mousaui,    Life in prison (Super Max)   No chance for parole   No chance to be transferred to a foreign nation to serve their terms...and NO POLITICAL INTERFERENCE!

    I once again state...these statements are mine and mine alone...I respect each and every family members' feelings and wishes...    
 Just a few key points....  1.  These FIVE MUST remain in Git Mo.......2.  The Politicians MUST stop interfering with our judicial process.....3.  The FIVE  MUST NOT BE BROUGHT INTO THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES...      4.   Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder MUST step away and not interfere in any way.....    These are my key points.........   The Prosecution and the Defense Attorneys are doing an outstanding job..They are all passionate on both sides... The Judge is most fair and impartial...Let him do what he has been trained for all his life...I have complete faith in his judgement....

                    Respectfully submitted,   Kenneth B. Fairben,   Father of  Keith G. Fairben, paramedic,  NY Presbyterian Hospital   Sept 11,2001

Diane Fairben, Keith's mom:

Frustrated, and disheartened ....however, as I said before, after having been to GITMO, and meeting both prosecution and defense teams, I am absolutely sure that the defendants are receiving the BEST defense.

HELL NO to the trials being held in civilian courts on US soil!  The trial is exactly where it should be.  Much of the evidence would not be allowed in a federal court.

In addition, the events of 9/11 were an act of war.  The fact that the Pentagon was a target, makes an even stronger case for that.  These 5 men were enemy combatants, captured on the battlefield.  The refusal of this administration to call this a war is, I believe,  one of the reasons they want this and other terrorist trials in civilian court.

 What I want to see as the outcome is that after they are convicted, they spend the rest of their lives at GITMO, without all the "nice" extras they have now, without being able to see anyone except the security forces, and let out only 1 hour a day.  A death sentence would result in endless appeals, and would not be carried out in my lifetime for sure.  Either way, they become martyrs in their minds, and the minds of the terrorist world.

Jack Delaney, Keith's boss at the time,  answered the call on 9/11, and was one of the Emergency Medical Services 'peeps' who ran towards the madness of Ground Zero.[see also picture above]

 I am truly saddened by the trial delays.  I myself feel frustrated about how these animals are making a mockery of our judicial process.  I can not imagine how frustrating it is for the families of those who were murdered on that day.  Recently my frustration grew significantly stronger when I spoke with a family member who indicated that they hope they would live to see the conviction.  Why the hell are we dicking around with these murderers at the expense of our families.  The process certainly seems tilted in the wrong direction when our families are suffering through the BS and these murderers are laughing at our system.  Lets get serious and get the show on the road!!!

Holder is a loose cannon who Obama points and shoots.  Holder only wants to bring these trials back to US soil to assist Obama in attempting to close Gitmo (which will never happen).  If the trials did come to the states the cost and disruption to the american people would be astronomical.  On the other hand if the trials came to the US perhaps they could get a judge that would eliminate the associated BS and commence the actual trial in an expedited fashion.

(Jack's car - "squeezed lemons" - parked in front of towers)

Once we get past the mockery of our judicial system by the defendants, I truly believe that all defendants will be found guilty.  No matter what decision is made concerning the disposal of the defendants (garbage) there is nothing that could be done to them that would ever match the pain and suffering that has been experienced by so many.  The philosophy of an eye for an eye really doesn't apply in this horrendous situation.

Obviously I would want to see all found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without parole.  I do not want to see these men executed and made martyrs.  

I guess folks who read this will think I am angry....well....I am.  I want the process to minimize the pain and suffering for the families of those murdered as well as the rescuers,  many of whom are suffering from significant illness daily.  I only pray that this process will proceed expeditiously so we can put this one thing behind us.  

John Epsicopo was also at Ground Zero, working alongside Jack, Keith and many others as part of the Emergency First Responders.
NO, [I am not watching what's going on at GITMO]

It should be a military trial held off of US soil. It was an act of war. If he is tried in a civilian court on Us SOIL THEN WE WOULD HAVE TO GIVE HIM HIS RIGHTS UNDER THE CONSTITUTION F THAT.

   No outcome will render Justice. The outcome needs to send a message to his buddies that we are not playing. If you murder our people  you will LIVE thru hell for the rest of your life

No death penalty, because then they become a martyr Use their beliefs against them . Keep them alive have them live in their definition of sin.

John Episcopo,NREMTP
NY Presbyterian EMS
Special Operations Division

As we all know, since 9/11 many thousands of our young sons and daughters, men and women from around the world, have sworn the Military Oath and stepped up to serve in this ongoing Global War on Terror.  Some have given  the ultimate sacrifice.

Gold Star Mom, Mickey Bryant, had this to say...



Mickey Arnette Bryant Proud Mom of a US Soldier SSG Jason R Arnette
KIA 4/1/07 Baghdad now deployed to Heaven

Robert Stokely, Gold Star Dad of Mike Stokely:

I look at Justice in a bigger light over a larger period of time.   First, the Hanging of Saddam Hussein was Justice in my view given his hand in matters that led to my son and many others going to free a nation he brutalized even as a mass murderer.  SH was a threat to America and plotted to assassinate our President.   Although Mike didn't live long enough to see  him brought to Justice, I had the opportunity to go to Iraq with a man who was in on his capture and interrogation and I am satisfied Justice was served.  As to KSM, I am more detached where he is concerned.  9/11 was a day country music star from where I live in Coweta County, Alan Jackson asked "Where were you when the world stopped turning....."   While I was with my wife at her medical appointment when 9/11 happened, my son Mike was at AIT at FT Gordon and little did I know I was standing on the precipice of war my son would die in less than four years later.   For me, KSM is less the person I wanted to see brought to Justice as Bin Laden.  Justice has now been served now that he lies at the bottom of the ocean in an unknown watery tomb. 

As to bringing those thugs, whether KSM or others to the U.S. for trial and seeking Justice, that makes about as much sense as bringing cockroaches into your house to squash them.  GITMO has worked just fine and I simply don't understand why Holder and crowd wants to bring them in country. 

As to the outcome of the KSM trial and others like him, I think history has set the precedent.  Saddam's rope or Bin Laden's bullets to the head will work just fine for me.

proud dad SGT Mike Stokely

KIA 16 AUG 05 near Yusufiyah Iraq


Northstar96sc,  Military mom, long-time tireless Troop supporter:

I believe the court process at GITMO, in my opinion to what I read is a joke. I am pretty sure the terrorists will die of old age before any justice will be carried out as they are not from here and do not wish to be spared. There is no excuse. I do not hear anyone saying they are innocent. They are  costing us money and making a mockery of of our court system.

This should be a military trial as they attacked our country and should be in a military court as a crime against the USA.

No there will not be justice as we cannot erase the day or charge our pound of flesh. The 9 11 attack cannot be undone and since the war started we have lost many more children of the United States in the war. We have a value of life and the terrorists do not value life. They want to keep the fight going and invade us from within which our current government is allowing it to happen as the USA is still allowing these people to come into our country and build here and live here.

 I would like to see the Muslim religion extinguished. I would love to bring our military home form A'Stan and let them kill one another.

 What about those in the Military who have 'been there, done that',  served in the Global War on Terror, come home to tell the tale to any who would listen?

Here's what one was willing to share on the record:

My take on things is that the tribunals were unnecessarily delayed for political reasons by Holder and Obama when they attempted to put this in a civilian court.

 The hard fought gains made in the first years of the war have been thrown away, not just squandered, but thrown away by the current crop of politicians, again, for political purposes and political correctness. They have released terrorists, enemy combatants. They have forced the Karzai govt to negotiations with the Taliban. They half-stepped "the Surge" and then pulled out before victory could be achieved.

After pulling defeat from the jaws of Victory in Iraq and then Afghanistan, they handed Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and now Syria to the enemy on a silver platter.

 They are ignoring international law (the Geneva Conventions) which states that combatants can be held until the end of hostilities, and only war criminals are tried in a court, because they want to make this a law enforcement and criminal situation. That means they want the military to act in a law enforcement role.

 What is my take? The politicians have again brought a defeat, despite the victories of our Troops.

Senior NCO/Veteran Iraq/Afghanistan 

As of today, the defense motions in GITMO continue on, and are not expected to be cleared for many months.   The actual trial begins after that, and will no doubt be followed by appeals.  This is in no way a criticism of the Military commission, and I commend them for their professional attention to ensuring that these enemy combatants will obviously be charged and sentenced by the very system they have sought to destroy.

Once the trial does get underway, it is anybody's guess how long before a guilty verdict is rendered by the Military Tribunal.  GUILTY is the only acceptable verdict, for all the Heroes we have lost, no matter how long it takes.  I have heard misgivings expressed by some,  that many of our 9/11 survivors will themselves be dead long before such verdict is executed. As we all watch the blatant manipulations of the Military Tribunal system by these  murderers, it is absolutely reasonable to wonder - as some have also shared with me - whether justice will ever be exacted for this heinous act of war. 

I have long believed - and voiced often -  that we certainly won't see justice during the current US administration.  That opinion has, of course, been reinforced by Holder's repeated efforts to interfere with the judicial process underway in GITMO. 

Having said that, I do fervently believe that justice will be rained upon KSM and the other guilty murderers.  The American values which KSM et al continue to abuse and manipulate  - to sneer at -  as they languish in luxury at GITMO, will be the very same values which will demand a price of retribution.

I don't think any of us are naive enough to believe that day of reckoning will bring back the cherished, loved ones lost on 9/11 and in the subsequent years of this Global War on Terror.  Wishing will never make that so. 

And the motions and the trials go on, and on, and on. However, I DO have absolute faith, and I hold fast to that faith,  that justice delayed does not mean justice denied.  Justice WILL be served upon the guilty.  They will be called to account.  I believe.



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God Please Keep Blessing Us All. Thank you for writing and remembering and not letting anyone forget (is that possible?).

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