Friday, September 6, 2013

"Britain has paid a heavy price" in AFG...

From Sky News out of the UK:

Afghanistan: Last UK Troops Leave Nad-e Ali Base

Britain has "paid a heavy price" for its presence in Helmand danger zone Nad-e Ali, where the last of its 55 bases has closed.

Friday 06 September 2013

The last remaining British base in Afghanistan's Nad-e Ali district has closed, marking the end of six years in the area for UK forces and a major chapter in military history.

Nad-e Ali has been one of the most violent districts in the conflict. A total of 52 British soldiers lost their lives fighting the Taliban there, as did many Afghan soldiers, policemen and civilians.

Sky News was the last television news organisation to travel to Nad-e Ali and witnessed the final days of British occupation.

At the height of the insurgency, there were 55 British bases in the danger zone in Helmand Province. The final one to close was Camp Shawqat just on the edge of Nad-e Ali's main bazaar....

Video, and more, here.

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