Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Women's Rights in Islam: National Park Service video praises the fantasy

Really - women's rights and Islam in the same breath? By the US National Park Service???? It's true, and YOUR tax dollars paid for the videos.

From Gateway Pundit:

[...] No joke. Your tax dollars paid for Obama’s National Park Service to make videos that praise Islam’s contributions to women’s rights. Indoctrination thrown in as added bonus and no explanation given as to why this is a function of the National Park Service.

Islam and women’s rights? Really? Are they referring to all those women’s rights like honor killings, stonings, gang rapes, the loss of independence to travel, hijabs and burqas… those women’s rights? Maybe a more accurate and honest overview (along with less taxpayer cost) could have been achieved by providing a free movie download showing The Stoning of Soraya M....

For videos - follow the link above....

From BareNaked Islam:

Look how Obama is spending your tax dollars now: PROMOTING ISLAM – CHAMPION OF WOMEN’S RIGHTS


National Park Service produces three videos praising Islam’s contributions to women’s rights.

IJ Review  (h/t Martin) Apparently, the National Park Service has a ton of money lying around and thought that maybe producing some pro-Islam videos might further their mission to provide national parks to Americans. Seems legit. So they hired a media person to visit the AnNur Islamic School in Schenectady, NY and got the real truth about Islam. Which may surprise you.


Much more: videos, pictures, that WILL make you shake your head.  Check it out here.


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