Tuesday, April 8, 2014

AFG Coalition Troops: "Mission ended"????

Apparently not!  Remember when our various political 'leaders' have proclaimed that our Troops are all coming home, because the AFG mission is OVER - but nary a word of victory?????  Not so fast.  Take a look.

Back to Afghanistan: Canadian troops heading to Kabul In April

David Pugliese 

March 20, 2014 

Canada’s military mission in Afghanistan isn’t over yet.

A new group of soldiers is being trained and will head over to the war-torn country sometime in April, military officers say.

The team, made up of fewer than 20 soldiers, will provide protection for the Canadian Embassy in Kabul.

“Right now, Canadian Forces are being asked to support the Kabul embassy,” military spokesman Lt.-Col. Chris Lemay said Thursday. “The conditions are that security is required, that support is required.”

It is unclear whether the troops heading to Afghanistan will stay for six months or a one year. The soldiers are members drawn from regular units, not special forces.

Earlier this week, the final contingent of Canadian troops deployed to Afghanistan under the NATO mission returned to Canada. Their arrival marked the end of major military operations for Canada in Afghanistan, according to the government....

Yes, there is more here.

From the MoD:

Next deployment of UK forces announced

3 April 2014

The Secretary of State for Defence, Philip Hammond, has announced that the next deployment of UK Armed Forces in Afghanistan is due to take place in June 2014.

As HQ Task Force Helmand will have integrated into Regional Command (South West) on 1 April 2014, around half of the units deploying will come under UK command within the United States Marine Corps Commanded Headquarters. The remainder will deploy elsewhere within Camp Bastion and in Kandahar and Kabul as part of the UK’s overall contribution.

British Army units deploying include:
  • Elements of 20th Armoured Brigade Headquarters
  • Headquarters 102 Logistic Brigade
  • 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards
  • Elements of The Queen’s Royal Hussars
  • Elements of 5th Regiment Royal Artillery
  • 26th Regiment Royal Artillery
  • Elements of 39th Regiment Royal Artillery
  • Elements of 47th Regiment Royal Artillery
  • Elements of 33 Engineer Regiment
  • Elements of 35 Engineer Regiment
  • Elements of 42 Engineer Regiment
  • 64 Works Group Royal Engineers
  • 1st (United Kingdom) Armoured Division Headquarters and Signal Regiment
  • Elements of 10th Signal Regiment
  • Elements of 14th Signal Regiment
  • Elements of 15th Signal Regiment
  • Elements of 30th Signal Regiment
  • Elements of 1st Battalion The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment
  • 2nd Battalion The Rifles
  • 5th Battalion The Rifles
  • Elements of 3 Regiment Army Air Corps
  • 1 Logistic Support Regiment The Royal Logistic Corps
  • Elements of 6 Regiment The Royal Logistic Corps
  • Elements of 7 Regiment The Royal Logistic Corps
  • Elements of 11 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment The Royal Logistic Corps
  • Elements of 13 Air Assault Support Regiment The Royal Logistic Corps
  • Elements of 29 Regiment The Royal Logistic Corps
  • 1 Medical Regiment...
"Mission over"?  No.  I am reminded of that old expression "if it walks like a duck..."  The complete  list of units scheduled to go to Afghanistan is loooooooooong, and you can find it here.

A timely reminder to all to PAY ATTENTION - especially when politicians open their mouths!


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