Friday, April 11, 2014

Welcome Home

Leading Seaman Thomas Clark and his daughter Betty-Rose ©UK MOD CROWN COPYRIGHT

From MoD: 
Brocklesby returns home from NATO deployment

11 April 2014
The small but highly capable ship left her home port in late January to some of the most horrific weather the UK has seen in a long time and sailed to meet the UK’s commitments to NATO in the Mediterranean. 

Brocklesby has been working as part of a multinational maritime force called the Standing NATO Mine Counter Measures Group 2 (SNMCMG2). 

Ships from allied nations operate together throughout the year defending sea routes from the threat of underwater mines and carrying out joint training exercises.

“This has been a great deployment for us,” said Lieutenant Commander Gregg Powell, Executive Officer and second in command. 

“Despite the bad weather at the start, working with our NATO partners is always a privilege and it’s given us a great opportunity to train in preparation for our deployment to the Gulf next year.”...

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