Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Yemen: US Drones kill 55

From Homeland Security News Wire:

U.S. drone attacks kill at least 55 al-Qaeda militants in Yemen

22 April 2014

 A series of U.S. drone strikes Sunday and Monday killed at least fifty-five al-Qaeda militants in Yemen. The operation focused on al-Qaeda operation basecamps in the rugged mountain of the central and southern provinces of Yemen. 

Yemeni government sources to say that the first series of attacks, carried out on Sunday, killed three prominent al-Qaeda operatives. Al-Qaeda made gains in Yemen during the chaos which accompanied the 2011 popular uprising against then-President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who was driven from power a year later. In the last two years, the United States and the new Yemeni government have escalated the fight against the Islamist militants.

Yemen’s interior ministry said that the first strikes on Sunday lasted for several hours and claimed the lives of three prominent figures as well as dozens of other militants. It identified the three as Mohammed Salem Abed Rabbo al-Mashibi, Fawaz Hussein al-Mahrak and Saleh Said Mahrak.

The Washington Post reports that Yemeni security officials noted that the sprawling base was one of the few permanent facilities al-Qaeda was operating in Yemen....

I am amazed that there was 55 left to kill, since Obama assured us a while back that they were 'on their heels.'  However, there is more on this here...


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