Friday, April 4, 2014

Israel: Kerry admits defeat

From Israel National News:

Frustrated Kerry Admits Little He Can Do to Save Talks

US Secretary of State admits defeat, says it's up to Israel and the PA to save floundering peace process.
 By Ari Soffer

US Secretary of State John Kerry has admitted there is little he can do to salvage disintegrating talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, challenging Israeli and PA leaders and saying that now was the time when they had to choose whether to make peace.  

"You can facilitate, you can push, you can nudge, but the parties themselves have to make fundamental decisions to compromise," Kerry said in Algiers at the start of a trip to North Africa on Thursday.  

"The leaders have to lead, and they have to be able to see a moment when it's there," he added, showing signs of frustration after his months-long peace efforts appeared to be in tatters.  
He said talks were facing a "critical moment"....

Read more here. Yet more blathering from  Kerry because, you know, diplomacy is haaaard. 

Next for Kerry?  Kerry decides to hold 'reality check' with Obama.  [Oh, the irony! No, I did NOT make that up!]

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