Monday, April 28, 2014

Remember Them: A Poem for our Fallen

 My regular readers know the name of Wendy Hayward-Miskiewicz.  Wendy is the mother of Canadian Fallen Hero Cpl James Arnal.  Wendy continues to make her son proud of her, as she works tirelessly to honour his Sacrifice.  If her name is unfamiliar to you, go read: Wendy Hayward-Miskiewicz : The mothers also serve

Wendy has continued to write and be a voice for all our Fallen.  She graciously gave me permission to share one of her poems here..  Fair warning:  it will rip your heart out, as she speaks so eloquently as only those who have Sacrificed all in defence of our freedoms can. 

Of this poem, Wendy says:

I wrote this poem after I lost my Mom when I was in KAF. I was inspired by her favourite song and comforted knowing she was with Jim. My Mom married a career soldier, Jim's grandfather to which he was aptly named. My Mom supported the troops till the day she died ... unwavering and true dedication. It was her dream that I serve Tim Horton's to the troops, I could not have done it if not for her love and encouragement.

Remember when …
They stood guard for me and
Time stood still … love was all
we knew.
They weren’t the first for you or I
But war raged on left us to cry.
Remember them …

Remember when …
They swore an oath, they
walked the talk
Gave their hearts…in the
sands, bled on the rock.
They fought and died we
brought them home
Grief and sorrow ... it did roam.
Remember them …

Remember when …
Pride surged with every loss
 … lives were changed
Disassembled, re-arranged.
We came together so far apart
A country full of broken hearts.
Remember them …

Remember when …
They soldiered on, did what
they dared
Support our troops … showed
them we cared.
We still worried, day to day
Vowed we’d never walk away.
Remember them …

Remember when …
Souls they did touch, now
looking back
We ask … was the cost too
To where we are from where
we’ve been
The price is worth the win.
If we … remember them …

Remember when …
We vowed that war would
When our children … die for
freedom and peace.
We will be sad but we’ll be
For all the heroes that we had.
And we’ll … remember them …

(c)  Wendy Hayward

I promise you, Wendy, I will always remember AND honour your son and all who love him.

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Sharing.. awesome piece.