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August 14, 2008

Ramadi Citizens Gather for Soccer Field Reopening

Lance Cpl. Casey Jones, Regimental Combat Team 1

Mustafa, a 14-year-old Iraqi boy, couldn’t stand still during a recent soccer tournament at the grand reopening of the 17th Street Soccer field July 24.
Donning a David Beckham t-shirt, he jokingly taunted the opposing team and passionately cheered for his own. Halfway through the game, a Marine, surprised to see a Beckham shirt, walked up to Mustafa and said, “David Beckham—zien (Arabic for good).” Mustafa, without hesitation, replied, “Beckham—koule zien,” or very good, as he jumped out of his seat and raised both arms as his team scored a goal.
Soccer, often considered “the sport that brings the world together,” is a big part of every day life in Ramadi, leading the city’s officials, with the assistance of Civil Affairs Detachment 2, 1st Battalion, 9th Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 1, to have the field renovated.
The tournament was sponsored by the North District Council of Ramadi, North Precinct Ramadi Police and 1st Battalion, 9th Marines.

Kareem Ali, the Ramadi North District Council chairman, said the entire city was looking forward to the reopening.
“The people are so glad they have this soccer field again,” Ali said through an interpreter. “Before the reopening, it seemed like everywhere I went somebody would always mention it to me and tell me how excited they were (about the reopening). Soccer brings everybody together regardless of their age.”...
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