Thursday, August 21, 2008

Can you help?

From a friend of mine:

One of our good Civil Air Patrol friends, had a fire at their house this
morning and lost everything. I was working with her last week on a Drug
Demand Reduction Program.

She has 13 years old twins. They all got out of the house safe, with a
few minor injuries. Ron (the father) is burned on his upper body (2
degree) and is in the hospital. The Red Cross has put them up at a hotel
for now. We are looking for any kind of donations possible for them.

I am the contact person for this and the email that we are using is if you could send an email out to your people that
would be great.

They are very involved in Civil Air Patrol and been helping out with the
disaster relief (flooding) we had here and many other things.


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post this over on, it'll get much greater visibility.