Monday, August 18, 2008

An Unsolved Soldier's Death In Alabama

In a small county outside of Birmingham, Alabama; a soldier died in 2006. There, a family still mourns his death and still has unanswered questions. Meanwhile the common law widow has since moved on evident by having a baby by another man, but continues to receive DIC benefits from the VA for the death of the soldier.

The soldier is buried in a lonely graveyard (orchestrated by the widow) away from the family graveyard where he would have been buried with his ancestor's pre-dating the Civil War. (Military Ancestors) No one visits the soldier with the exception of his mom and his siblings. The cemetery is private, the plot is private, and the headstone is a "child's size." (there are photos to prove it)

Last year there was a restraining order against the mother of the soldier that limited her visitation to the grave to 15 minutes a week or less if the widow showed up. That has since been reversed, but it has taken over a year of court battling to do so.

All the family of the soldier wants is an autopsy of the soldier to determine if what the Coroner concluded within his 20 minute "look around" was true. It is hard to fathom that this brave soldier, a hero to many in his unit and many iraqi civilians, commited suicide. The evidence at the time suggests it can not possibly be. Yet the widow makes sure with her criminal attorneys' assistance, that this soldiers' death may never be fully examined.

As court appeals have heated up, and disclosure forms have been submitted by the soldiers' family, the widow increases her obstinacy towards anyone who doubts her validity on what happened that fateful day. She makes cruel remarks that suggest she is doing oddities unaware to others, and has gone so far as to post a message in French, suggesting she has ordered the soldier exhumed and cremated to dissolve all evidence....

And, there is much more. Go to Poison Pen here. Then you decide.

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