Friday, August 29, 2008

Where were their flags?

I am talking about American flags at the Democratic convention - you know the folks whose leader sees nothing wrong with NOT wearing a lapel pin as a sign of patriotism. ;) I received a very disturbing email from a friend:

For two days RedState has been at the Democratic Convention trying to find American flags.

Sure, when the television cameras come on for prime time network coverage, the Democrats have been passing out flags like candy.

But when the prime time lights are not on, and for the entire time Tuesday night, including during prime time, there have been no American flags: not in the crowd, not on the stage, not in the hallways -- nowhere.

Well, we finally found some American flags.

They were in the trash.

Let's skip, for a minute, that this is supposed to be an environmentally friendly campaign and the flags were thrown in with paper, plastic, food, and other junk. Ignore that.

Just focus on this: The Democrats only pulled out the flags for prime time Monday night and Wednesday night. They have otherwise avoided all displays of the American flag.

After Wednesday night, they threw them in the trash.

Sincerely yours,

Erick Erickson

RedState actually has much more on the symbolism of this, and more pithy (yes, I DID say "pithy" over at their site. The comments bear reading, too. Go check it out here.

H/T to Carol

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yankeemom said...

Real classy - heh. Not surprising since too many don't have a clue what the flag represents or the price paid for us to continue to fly it. Besides, those little flags weren't quite right - they weren't upside down or on fire...