Tuesday, August 19, 2008

*Much Ado*

Written by SC Eagle. Posted with his permission:

There's much ado this election year, as there is every four years, it
seems. And there's plenty ado to be had, irregardless with which side
you identify, or even if you're 'undecided'. Are you a Republican? If
so, Senator Barack Obama scares the bejeezus out of you - he's going to
completely ruin the country, destroy the world, and it's quite possible
that the "Anointed One" is really the Anti-Christ. If you're a
Democrat, Senator McCain is worse - he's four more years (everyone knows
he'll never live two terms, right?) of President Bush, who IS the

The undecided voters, that crucial bloc whom both campaigns are
desperately courting, are either trying to find at least one good
reason to choose either of these poor choices, or trying to find
something to watch on TV that isn't about the Olympics.

If you listen to the campaigns, this election is the most critical
election in all history. Is it? Really?

It is a fundamental lack of civics knowledge permeating our nation which
convinces us that the President of the United States is the most
important man (sorry, Hillary) in the world.

And, he is. Or at least, in the Free world as we still distinguish.
Here at home, what has the President done to you lately?

One election issue that will likely never go away - Abortion. People
will base their vote on this issue alone - is the candidate pro Life or
pro Choice?! Does it matter? Well, the President does get to name
Judges to the Supreme Court, but not without the Senate's assent. And
is anyone truly expecting /Roe v. Wade/ to be overturned? It's been law
for 35 years now, and I predict that another 35 is a safe bet. We've
elected both pro Choice and Life candidates, and truth be told, I'm not
sure it's easy to say which had an impact on the local abortion clinic.

How about another issue... Hmmm, lessee... The Poor. Every four years,
the Poor are trotted out as the bain of the Republicans and the
Democrats are their Saviors. Nevermind that since the Great Society
/forty/ years ago, not much has changed. There are still poor, still
some rich, and some folks in the middle. And thus, it shall always be.

Drugs. Want some? Go to your local high school (junior high if you
want bonus points) and pick three kids at random. You should be able to
fill your order in no time.

Ok, I'll be fair. Let's examine this year's "new issue". It's a
surprise, and is predicted to possibly give the Republicans the edge
they need. Energy Freedom. We've been discussing this one, folks, for
forty years. Car still runs on gas, right?

The point is that our two parties' are bringing out the same issues,
same /crises/ as they do each time.

So, let's *IGNORE* what they want us to see! We don't need to blindly
follow along from their dog-eared playbook.

(Note: I started this before recent events in Georgia took hold.)

First, the President should be a Leader. That is his #1 function. To
shape the direction the country should turn to, and say, "Follow me!"
Presidents should never be bogged down in the minutiae - there are more
than enough personnel on Uncle Sam's payroll to staff that.

Also, Presidents should find ways to /exit/ our lives. While I have
concrete philosophical reasons for this belief, let me share a practical
one. There are over /three _hundred_ million /citizens currently. How
can one person, or even one government, insert itself into each of those
detailed lives successfully and consistently?

If we're honest with ourselves (a rare enough event), we'll acknowledge
the likelihood is nil.

Our President should focus on affairs of the whole - defense, trade,
international relations, and occasionally posing for pictures with the
Girl Scout who sold the most cookies.

Let's practice minimizing. Neither party wants to do that (both parties
are spending hundreds of /millions /of dollars on their nominating
conventions for candidates whom are already chosen - don't think that
money could be better spent on any of their agendas rather than confetti
and balloons?).

Oh, lastly, to the undecideds - take your time. We'll have the same
issues four years from now.

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