Friday, August 29, 2008


"Afghan Army Has Made Huge Progress"

Afghanistan '"Afghan Army Has Made Huge Progress", Press TV, 3 July 2008

EXCERPT: "A senior Canadian official confirms that the Afghan army has made a "huge progress" and is now capable of leading missions against Taliban. 'We see huge progress with the Afghan army,' General Walt Natynczyk, Canada's Chief of Defense Staff, told reporters on Wednesday [2 July 2008]. 'What is terrific to see here, through the Arghandab piece, was that the Afghan military, the Afghan army that we have trained with this past two years, are actually stepping up. It was their plan, it was their leaders, and with that they have renewed confidence,' Natynczyk added. Natynczyk praised the battle in Arghandab last month, in which about 100 Taliban were killed. He added that the Canadian personnel would focus on training more senior officers with Afghan National Army (ANA) before Canadians leave the country in 2011."

Now that the msm is unable to lead their hourly news with bad news from Iraq, they have turned their attention (kinda, sorta) to Afghanistan. Most stories out of there right now are based on the number of troops and civilians killed. What they forget to tell us is that this IS the season when the Taleban annually up the ante. The military knows this; our troops on the ground see the big picture. General Natynczyk shares the progress here.

That IS B*N*S*N!

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