Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ben Stein to BO: Thank you, thank you!

You all remember a while back when I dared suggest that The Mouth in Chief was the best thing to happen to America? I am sure many of you wanted to smack me. However, it seems that none other than Ben Stein agrees with me. Read on:

Thank You, Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President:

As a 64-year-old, lifelong fiscal conservative and Republican since Nixon, may I humbly thank you? In the eight months or so since you took office, you have succeeded in reviving a party, the GOP, that many had left for dead.

1) You have named men to office so wildly irresponsible, so extreme in their positions, so vulgar in their means of expression, that they have made the Republican Party regain its of gleam of gentility and good graces. I am not talking only about the tough guy/ballet dancer Rahm Emanuel, who screamed like a jilted drunken sorority girl at GOP leaders after Joe Wilson's outburst (itself a disgrace) last Wednesday night. I am talking about a high White House official who called Republicans by a barnyard epithet at a public speech recently. This is the same guy who signed a petition to investigate whether the government caused 9/11 -- itself a favored position of Neo-Nazis and other nut jobs. Thank you. I thought no one could outdo an appointment like Henry Paulson, Bush 43's Treasury Secretary -- but you have.

2) You have proposed a national health care plan so wildly extravagant, incomprehensibly complex and over the top that it makes President George W. Bush's budget gaffes seem like blips -- plus you have told fibs about it so immense that you have embarrassed yourself as a public figure: ...

And that's just the beginning of Stein on a roll. Go here to read all of it..

I rest my case. Stay tuned.

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