Thursday, September 3, 2009

Support one of our own and VOTE!

This comes to me via War on TerrorNews, which you'll find in my blog roll.

The contest = ends Sept 30th.
The prize = $10,000 USD
Who made video = Tom Brouns US Army

Tom Brouns (US Army) made a video for this contest to increase awareness of our military in Afghanistan. He spent 5 hrs making the 60 second video. ...

If he gets the most votes when the contest has ended on Sept. 30th, then he wins the $10,000 USD.
I figure this is something we can all get behind. To go to the voting page - and VOTE! - go here.

On the YouTube link (here) I found this:

This is my entry to the eCompliments video contest. The assignment is to compliment any person, place, thing, business or organization, and I have chosen to compliment the troops from all 42 nations supporting the international military mission in Afghanistan. If you think this is a winning entry, check out and vote for it there (you'll need a login). All imagery and music are original / owned by the producer, and the voiceover is by Molly :-)

Registration and login is required, but it is instant, and very easy...

Pass this on after you have voted, please! Let's get 'er done...

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