Wednesday, September 2, 2009



Backdropped by Earth's horizon and the blackness of space, the Leonardo Multi-Purpose Logistics Module is visible in Discovery's payload bay, as is the shuttle's vertical stabilizer, orbital maneuvering system pods, Orbiter Boom Sensor System and docking mechanism in this image shot from an aft flight deck window.

For the STS-128 mission, Leonardo carried 7.5 tons of supplies to the station, including two research racks (the Fluid Integrated Rack and the Materials Science Research Rack), a new station crew quarters, the Minus Eighty-Degree Laboratory Freezer for ISS (MELFI-2), the Air Revitalization System Rack and the COLBERT treadmill.

Image Credit: NASA

That's the tech description, and you can find more here. You should also go there to see this picture in all its magnificent glory. And it really IS a glory which leaves me speechless, breathless!

For me this never, ever gets old.

Come fly with me. To infinity...and beyond...

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