Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Veterans Land Grab continued

From Veterans Today:

Posted on August 31, 2009 by gordonduff


screenhunter_02_aug._31_09.11_400LOS ANGELES POLICE CLOSE IN ON PROTESTING VETS



Covering the 2 year protest in Los Angeles has been frustrating. None of it is really about veteran's land. How can land be veterans land if Veterans Affairs with their police force and locked gates run it? Veterans land is being stolen across America. This is one of a hundred things being done to veterans. It isn't about land. The issue is about people.

One question is how could police show up at a protest and harass vets, some WW2 vets in wheel chairs when their cause is so simple and so right? Everyone knows that the Veterans Conservancy Park is a scam to steal all the land, not just part, and give it to businesses, not really for a public park. Any idiot can figure this one out.

Police can threaten and coerce veterans, use ethnic slurs and make total asses of themselves because we let them. The police work, not for veterans or homeless but for the local government controlled by the businesses that would sell billions in veterans land to the Chinese, better yet, North Korea. screenhunter_01_aug._31_09.08_400

Police can act like thugs because the 200,000 veterans in Los Angeles are stuck in front of a TV watching Glen Beck cry over insurance companies or, more accurately, simply don't care. Vets don't care because nobody cares. Stealing is considered a joke, as long as you are stealing enough and not from folks with friends at Fox News. Veterans have no friends at Fox News. We have made ourselves easy targets.

I am not a huge fan of Gordon Duff, and I don't agree with everything he says. However, this veterans land grab issue is one that will not go away, nor should it. Go read the rest of Mr Duff's thoughts here.

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