Thursday, June 21, 2012

BHO: What IS the truth?

"Something a little shaky going on.." So said the Mouth In Chief at the beginning of the current never ending campaign.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you'll have heard over the last year of the Fast and Furious disgrace that bears direct responsibility for the murder of a patriotic American Border Guard, Brian Terry.

Wake Up America and others have been closely following and documenting all the lies, the weaving and bobbing of the self-proclaimed 'most transparent' government, as they have worked overtime - when the MIC isn't golfing, that is - to subvert justice.

These last few days the contempt of this administration for the rule of American law has been on full display for any but the most determinedly wilfully ignorant. Please go over to Wake Up America and see the latest attempts to hide the truth.

One of the things the *most tech savvy* POTUS ever seems not to have grasped is that, once there is a video documentation of all his utterances, those words stay on the internet FOREVER. Sometimes, those words, courtesy of the very technology that helped sweep BHO and his criminal cohorts into 1600, DO come back to bite him on the ass. That's what happens when you have never met a mic you don't like..

Take a look:

So back then, BHO was against the use of Executive Privilege. Fast Forward (furiously???!~) to just yesterday, and apparently now the Truth Team leader is no longer against Executive Privilege, choosing to shield Eric Holder from the consequences of his hiding the truth of this administration's dealings.

Over the last 3+ years, I have often wondered aloud just what the tipping point will be for the American people to stand up and say "NO more" as BHO and his sycophants have proved their total disregard for America's laws, her Constitution.

Could this latest most blatant middle finger act by the Truth Team be the straw that breaks the camel's back?

NOW, more than ever, Amerians (and those of us who love America) need to be extra vigilant as BHO et al attempt to do their sleight of hand behind closed doors.

You want the TRUTH? Don't count on the Mouth In Chief to volunteer..he wouldn't recognise the Truth if it bit him on his Pinnochio nose.


Susan Duclos said...

Hopefully in November, we will stand up give that finger right back.

Anonymous said...

And Pelosi is all over TV this morning saying that the Republicans want to silence Holder because the "Justice" Dept is in charge of monitoring voter fraud. And if we can shut him down then the election will no longer have safeguards. Yeah right. When is the last time that bunch worried about the honesty of an election?