Monday, June 4, 2012

U.S. missiles infected with Chinese fakes

File under: What could possibly go wrong?

From WND:

3 June 2012

Report confirms '84,000 suspect electronic parts installed'

By F. Michael Maloof

WASHINGTON – Fake electronic components from China have been discovered in thermal weapons sights delivered to the U.S. Army on mission computers for the Missile Defense Agency’s Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD, missiles and on military aircraft, including several models of helicopters and the P-8A-Poseidon, according to federal investigators.

Suspected electronic parts were found in the Forward Looking InfraRed, or FLIR, Systems being used on the Navy’s SH-60-B. The counterfeit parts were delivered by Raytheon, which alerted the Navy.

The new evidence comes reports that the problem with faked Chinese electronic components being installed in U.S. military systems is far more widespread that originally thought....

There is much more here.

The state of the world is far more perilous than BHO et al would have us believe. But not to worry. US foreign policy is taking a sharp turn (with their *leaner* Military, doncha know,) and is sending 60% of their Naval force to the Asia Pacific. For the official version of US foreign policy vis-a-vis Asia Pacific, go to the DoD here. Go read what the BBC says: Leon Panetta: US to deploy 60% of navy fleet to Pacific

Be sure of follow the links in their sidebar. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that ALL of us pay close attention to what our politicians are doing, not just in public view, but especially behind those closed doors.

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