Thursday, June 28, 2012

WWII Bomber Command finally recognised

From the Beeb:

28 June 2012

Queen Unveils RAF Bomber Command Memorial

A £6m memorial to the 55,573 airmen of Bomber Command who died during World War II has been unveiled by the Queen.

At the ceremony in London's Green Park, Chief of the Air Staff Sir Stephen Dalton said Bomber Command's "service and raw courage" had been recognised.

Some 6,000 veterans and families of the deceased watched a Lancaster bomber drop thousands of poppies in a flypast.

Criticism of large-scale area bombing by the RAF near the end of WWII had stalled plans for a memorial for years.

Veterans from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other countries who served alongside the British crew also attended the ceremony....

Much more - and some great links - here. For the Canadian perspective on this historical event, go here.

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