Thursday, September 26, 2013

Video: This IS Islam

Over the years, I have written much about the GLOBAL threat of Islam. If you put 'Jihad 101' or 'Islam' in the search engine at top left, you can read columns I have written going back years.  I have shared videos, speeches, and irrefutable evidence debunking this so-called religion of peace, and their goals.  You could start at "Islam is NO religion of Peace" from August 2010.

 Even as our politicians continue to arm those who would kill us (most recently Syria, Libya???) daily examples of Islam followers' determination to dominate us infidels - and if we don't willingly convert -  to kill us all.  Even as the current resident of 1600 insists "Islam is a religion of peace," others are documenting just how *peaceful* Islam is.

Today, another video came my way, with FACTS.

I am not the only one documenting the march of violent jihad across the globe...Monkey In the Middle frequently shares specific events of Islam's 'tolerance' of any other religion or political system.

On a daily basis, Jihad Watch gives examples of the peaceful Islamists.  Just today, they found SIX headlines of murderous plotters who are trying to wipe all of us infidels off the face of the earth.

Those are just two examples of people choosing to educate themselves, and trying to educate the unwashed masses. And yet, still some folks bury their heads in the sand, muttering all the way 'Oh this is nothing to do with us.'

I will say again:  It has EVERYTHING to do with us.  It IS here, where YOU live.  Ignorance will not save you from the Religion of Peace.


Northstar96sc said...

I shared this and hope my "friends" will watch read and also share. Thank you for your investigative journalism as always. xoxox

SR said...

been fighting these slugs for almost 30 years of my life...