Saturday, June 6, 2009

Every Day Heroes (MY heroes)

Paying respects: from left, Dennis Boardman, Jack Watson, Fred Harman, George Butler, Jock Hutton and, front, Douglas Baines

Paratroopers salute D-Day heroes

Commemoration of the 65th anniversary of D-Day began today with more than a hundred British paratroopers descending from the Normandy skies.

For the veteran paratroopers watching, it was a chance to catch up on old times. There were hugs, tears and tales of extraordinary bravery to be told while soldiers from 3 Para landed in the fields around them.

Dennis Boardman, 84, pointed to the spot about 300 yards away where he had landed, close to Ranville, the first village liberated on D-Day.

"We dropped about 12.30am and we had taken the whole village by 2.30 in the morning," he recalled, "I always say to myself that for the last 65 years I have been living on borrowed time. I should be with my buddies in the graveyard down there but for the grace of God I am still here."


This really IS a must read, right to the end, where the typical, warped British sense of humour is still evident in these amazing heroes. Go here and meet them.

These EVERY DAY heroes make this English woman SO proud. Thank you all for your incredible courage and service. With heroes like you, there will always be an England.

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