Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Honor Their Service" Troopathon TODAY!

“Honor Their Service” 2nd Annual Troopathon

Last Year, on June 26th 2008, Move America Forward held our first ever 'Troopathon' titled “From the Front Lines.” Altogether, our first troopathon raised over$ 1.5 million dollars in a single night to send care packages to the troops and it was the largest single care package shipment to troops in history.

This year Move America Forward hopes to shatter that record and send an even bigger message of support to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. This, our second annual troopathon is titled "Honor Their Service" check it out at

Move America Forward has also just added "Honor Their Service" 2009 Troopathon care packages to the Campaign Store! The push starts now! Order care packages for the troops and be part of the new record for largest shipment ever! (here)

From a recent FB release:

MAF is currently putting together a sequel to last year's spectacularly successful webathon which raised over $1.5 million for care packages for our troops. This year we will again feature many of the biggest names in the pro-troop community and the conservative movement as well as members of our military so we can get the story straight from the people who know it best. Andrew Breitbart, and Melanie Morgan will be hosts and we'll broadcast live from the Reagan Presidential Library. See all the details and get into the studio audience at


As always, it's fast and easy to sponsor a care package online. (Troopathon packs here: ) Pick the size you'd like to sponsor and we will ship packages full of great products on your behalf to service members in Iraq and Afghanistan. Please include a personal message and your address so the troops can write back.

Let's get 'er done!!!

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