Saturday, June 27, 2009

"...light – for truth, hope and celebration..."

Found a great story, I must share:

New candlesticks to illuminate Armed Forces Day in Iraq

22 June 2009

Metal smiths deployed to Iraq to repair armoured vehicles have crafted a set of candlesticks for the camp church especially for an Armed Forces Day church service.

Padre John Durant chaplain to the Joint Force Logistic Component based in Kuwait commissioned the set of four candlesticks for St John the Baptist’s Chapel in the British base.

The dedication will coincide with a special service for the morning of Armed Forces Day on 27 June.

Padre John said:

The theme for the service is going to be light – for truth, hope and celebration. The chapel doesn’t have a set of candlesticks so I thought it would be appropriate to have some made....

Go read the rest here.

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