Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Love You More Than You Know

My regular readers all know that I have great respect and admiration for military mothers, who also serve when their children go off to serve their country. In a book that is long overdue, comes a compilation of just a few of the mothers of our troops:

From Kassie (SA) comes this:

The link below is for a book written by mom's of our Heroes about sending their children off to of the main authors [Mayer] is the mom of one of my most favorite adopted son...he was blown up in Iraq and has been at Bethesda for a few years now....the accounts from these mom's will bring tears to your eyes... I would love for everyone in the world to read this and they are donating some of the proceeds to our wounded warriors!

If you are anywhere near Hudson, OH, you have the opportunity to meet these two authors:
Janie Reinart and Mary Anne Mayer, “Love You More Than You Know: Mothers' Stories About Sending Their Sons and Daughters to War."
7:00 PM
96 Library St.
Hudson, OH 44236
Authors Janie Reinart and Mary Anne Mayer share the stories of 45 mothers of U.S. service men and women who know what it feels like when a son or daughter leaves home to fight a war in the book “Love You More Than You Know: Mothers' Stories About Sending Their Sons and Daughters to War." Reinart and Mayer will visit the Hudson Library & Historical Society on Monday, June 22nd at 7 p.m. to talk about these stories and the shared experiences of mothers of soldiers deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and other regions of unrest.

And from

In this poignant collection of stories by 45 Ohio military mothers, one really starts to feel the impact of sending a child off to war.

Janie Reinhart and Mary Anne Mayer first wrote their own stories and then shared those stories with military support groups and other military moms. They asked for others to write their stories and explained how cathartic it was to focus on the feelings and commit them to paper.

Some women did, but it was not until Regina Brett "put out the call" on her NPR radio show that the stories came pouring in. By the time the ladies reached their homes after leaving the studio their email boxes were filled with people wanting to contribute and tell their story.

This book is a collection of 45 of those stories and includes mothers from all walks of life. The mothers talk of their fears, their pride, their concerns and most of all their love for the child who chose to enlist. As one mother says "It's not my choice for his life, but it is his life and his choice and I am so very proud of him."

Military Moms and authors at Jpseph Beth book signing

Some of the contributing Moms to
Love You More Than You Know

For a synopsis from some of these incredible mothers, go here to

Well worth checking this one out, I reckon.


Anonymous said...

Oh my. This sounds like an inspirational must-read. I will look for it on Amazon and then go buy a box of tissues. Thanks for the heads up.


M*A said...

Hah! I was wandering through a store this morning and just happened down the aisle with the paperback books...and what am I confronted with? A free standing display of this book! Into my basket it went. Thanks for the heads up Ros!

mary anne said...

As we approach another patriotic holiday, July 4th, I cannot help but realize that sending our children to war to defend our freedoms is a part of our country's legacy. The sacrifice that this demands is intimately understood by those who have hung a blue star in their window. It has been an honor for Janie Reinart and myself to give a voice to mothers who have done exactly that. We hope that our book inspires and encourages our readers. We invite them to visit our blog: and to share their stories. God bless America.

Mary Anne Mayer
co-editor of Love You More Than You Know