Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flag Day 2009

For a history of Flag Day go here. And to read a piece I did on the Star Spangled Banner back in August 2007 (with the help of my friend Sylvia,) go to Tanker Bros here.

FLY your flag, America!

[Addendum: I was not going to get political for this post, BUT just found something on FaceBook that I think needs sharing, as a reminder of rights that all Americans have. Flying the flag IS one of those rights, no matter what anyone tries to tell you. The flag of America - and the rights of all Americans - has been paid for by the blood of your patriotic heroes. I asked for - and got - permission to post this. It was on a post reminder to fly the flag today. Read on:

Devin Norris
Devin Norris
Let the liberals get all in a fit about mine [flag] being up. A liberal family that goes to a very liberal all black church this morning just about a mile away from here were walking down my street to avoid the traffic of New Bern Ave., this morning. Do you know what the dad said to me in front of his kids. I will quote it but sensor: "take that fu**kin... Read More' flag s**ty looking rag down-- or i be yo' a*** .. who u think u is?'' ... i drag yo a** down and beat u down (followed by him calling me the N-word" Everyone on my street has their flags out today. I will just leave mine up for good now that I am settled in after moving in this house.

And then:

Devin Norris
Devin Norris
That's just what I said to that sad man.. I quote myself 'This flag still stands for freedom, and radicals like you and your Obamacrats will not take that away." Then I hung my flag on the pole on my porch, and went right back inside...

Again: Fly your flag with pride, America.]


Devin Norris said...

Thanks a lot for posting my testimony of what happened this morning. I posted on that topic to show that despite what the radicals like that very sad man who while on his way to church (I might add) said all manner of hate against me with his choice of curse words on Sunday? How I stood up next to my flag and defended it from sad freaks like him!

Anonymous said...

What a sad, sad story. I thought that all the liberals were so excited that they got the new president they wanted and that patriotism was "in" again. Devin, I hope that you remain safe. You might have a video camera ready near the front of the house in case there is another meeting with these "church" folks.

Fly your flags, America. Good men and women fought to give you that right.