Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Turn OFF the TV: Yes, you can!

As the All Barack Channel prepares to give BO yet another looooong (freebie, no doubt) commercial tonight, Canada Free Press has some thoughts:

Obama Reality Show coincides with the Death of Journalism, starring ABC

Those Dufus Television Commercials

By Judi McLeod Wednesday, June 24, 2009

imageThe best thing about President Barack Obama and the First Lady starring in their own political coup in tonight’ first state-run television presentation from the White House is you don’t have to watch it.

In a broadcast that could easily be entitled “Street Organizers Out of the Windy City Make Good”, Obama will do his made-for-TV savior of America’s health system gig with or without his Teleprompter.

Scheduled for 10 p.m., the Obama Reality Show coincides with the Death of Journalism, starring ABC. At least it wasn’t kept for the witching hour.

If you think there is something wrong with a national television network giving Obama an unchallenged infomercial, you are probably right wing, or an advocate of conspiracy theories with far too much imagination.

ABC News President David Westin, is here to tell you that it’s all above board and journalism’s finest hour.

You think that ABC moving its equipment right into the White House is not fair journalism?

Westin promises the exclusive will be “a thoughtful, respectful, and probing discussion of some of the issues raised by the calls for health-care reform”.

We will include a variety of perspectives coming from private individuals asking the President questions and taking issue with him, as they see fit,” Westin said.

“Sadly, some inside government and within the private sector see every issue as material for a sort of political high theatre, to be used to gain votes or energize political bases or simply to raise funds. I would have thought that a subject as important as the health care received by the American people would rise above this sorry spectacle. Our citizens need and deserve more. We are proud to be making a serious effort to go beyond mere punditry or stylized, bipolar debate; we are proud to work for a network and a company willing to devote valuable airtime to serious consideration of a subject so worthy.”...

Uhuh, I am not kidding! Your "Prime Time President" is still campaigning, but you CAN turn the television off. Yes, you can! The on/off switch on your tv is probably the cheapest healthcare measure Americans can take today.

Go read the rest of this piece at Canada Free Press here.

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