Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Twitter for Gilad

I am NOT on twitter, but I know a lot of people are. Found a post over at A Soldier's Mother that asks all twitterers to do something very simple to show support for Gilad.

(picture courtesy of A Soldier's Mother)

We all want what Gilad's family wants; what all of Israel wants: let Gilad go home. It is now three years - 3 years - since Gilad was kidnapped.

PLEASE, go now, read Soldier's Mother's very important post..here. If you need more convincing to do this small thing for Gilad, read A Soldier's Mother's preceding post:
Sunday, June 21, 2009

1093 Days and Counting

Today is the 1093rd day that Gilad Shalit has been in captivity, denied even the most basic rights of any soldier - to be in contact with his family, to hear from them and to let them know he is alive and well.

This Thursday, it will be 3 years. If you are on Twitter, please post using the hashtag #Gilad. Our goal is to push Gilad's name to the top of the trend tracker, which tracks the most talked about topics on Twitter. The pressue must mount, the world must demand that Gilad comes home.

On Thursday - Israel should close all the Gaza crossings in protest.

On Thursday - every Israeli ambassador in every country where we have an embassy, should pass a letter to the leaders of that country demanding that they do all they can to bring Gilad home.

On Thursday - everyone should call their government leaders, send an email or a fax.

On Thursday - say a prayer for Gilad, send a tweet with the hashtag #Gilad....

If you have forgotten who Gilad is, read the rest of this post here.

THEN this Thursday, please, twitter for Gilad. This we can do...

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Findalis said...

I started to twitter it already and have a post up at Monkey in the Middle.

I hope all will twitter this.