Thursday, September 3, 2009

9/8-SICK OUT day for school aged children!

Barack Obama is set to 'address' the nation's children. Yet again, America's parents are vocal in their disdain for this latest "teaching moment.":

From my friend over at Poison Pen comes this:
Thursday, September 3, 2009

9/8-SICK OUT day for school aged children!

Have you read any transcripts thus far as to the content or subject of Obama's Internet speech to the children? Do you have a child between PRE-K and 12th grade?
Well by authority of Obama, he wants to deliver an undisclosed speech to YOUR child AT SCHOOL on Sept 8th.

MY CHILD will be sick that day. Swine flu. It is going around...allergic to swines.
My child will NOT BE indoctrinated by BO.

Homeschooling kids do not have to worry about the indoctrination speech. Lucky for them. I wonder---is BO going to invade private schools? Do HIS children have to listen to him droll on and on about nothing. Oh wait. They live with him. I am sure he makes time to indoctrinate his own kids.

NOT MINE! As a PARENT, I CHOOSE what my child learns. If I am not satisfied with a text book offered by the school, I purchase another to teach my child the TRUTH, versus a watered down PC version of some liberal text. This happens often... I should home school....

Of COURSE, she has more, and you can find that here.

"Teach your children well," indeed!

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Findalis said...

Keep them home. Take the day off yourself. If enough children are kept home, somebody just might get the message.