Sunday, September 20, 2009

What a soldier left behind by MCpl Elton Adams

Found this via Lovey this morning and have to share it:

About Elton

Hi, my name is Elton Adams, I was born and raised in Roddickton, Newfoundland, Canada. Growing up, I was surrounded by a family of very talented singers and musicians. Everyone from my oldest grandparent to my youngest cousin can play an instrument and sing. The church and local hockey rink were two of my major influences in Roddickton. Despite the fact that I’m not a stranger to the hockey stick and have played on various teams, music was most certainly my first love....

The Canadian Forces

Further, I would need to complete 8-months of work-up training in Edmonton before the tour began. While in Edmonton, I really began to focus on my song writing. I would perform for my fellow soldiers often and this paid off immensely.

Every sale of this great album contributes to our troops.

For every album that is purchased on this site, $4 will be donated to to the Soldier-On Charity (a charity for ill and injured Canadian soldiers)

Go check it out here.

Thanks, Lovey. Thank YOU, MCpl Adams.

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K-Dubyah said...

Wow...just awesome.

So on this cold and lonely afternoon, I still have to cry!

Thank you Elton, and thank you Brat!