Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Breaking My Heart

Yesterday I posted a video based on the song 'Bring Him Home, Santa,' which is a tribute to military families.

Today, via The Thunder Run, comes a column on this very topic, written by a military mum.

Loving A Soldier writes:

Tuesday, December 8

Breaking My Heart

I received an email from my 1st Grader's music teacher requesting that all the children who have family members overseas this Christmas to bring the photo to the Holiday Music program and hold up the picture while they sing Bring Him Home Santa.

My heart stopped. I can certainly see how this teacher might think that this would be a touching tribute to deployed soldiers, but all I see are military children who will suddenly think that Santa can bring their Dads home and the heartbreak when Santa doesn't deliver.

Elementary kids still believe in the magic of Christmas and my heart aches at the thought of my son singing or listening to this song believing that if he gives up toys Santa will bring his Daddy home..

There is more, and you MUST read it, here.

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