Tuesday, December 29, 2009

God bless the children - and our troops

A column via Helmand Blog which shows exactly what our troops are doing. From Padre Mark Christian:
Friday, December 25, 2009

Giggling sounds of children playing

Every time a soldier loses his life we gather at our headquarters to remember them, to honour and respect them and to pray for their family and friends. Last week, at the end of one such service, our brigade commander came off the parade and said to me 'listen to that Padre'. I wondered what he was talking about. I listened. I could hear the sound of traffic from the town that surrounds our base, but then I became aware of the laughing and shouting and squealing and the giggling sounds of children playing. The brigadier commented that we wouldn't have heard that three months ago.

I went to the garden outside our church and reflected on the sounds of those children. I allowed my mind to travel home to my children. Another Christmas apart. They are adults now but I miss them as, all of our soldiers miss their families. One of my daughters will give birth to my first grandchild in February. I will miss that too....

This truly is a MUST READ! Go - now and read the rest here.

H/T The Thunder Run

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