Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Goat, or maybe pizza for Christmas dinner?

From Helmand Blog - Afghanistan:

Saturday, December 19, 2009

One unit is fattening a goat for Christmas

Lance Corporal Dave Carlton and Rifleman John Dugdale tend the pizza oven at Forward Operating Base Kajaki

The riflemen manning mountainside observation posts around the Kajaki hydroelectric dam in Helmand have grown so proud of their own home-made pizzas this winter that there is little doubt what dish will top their bill of fare on Christmas Day.

Yet, when 9 Platoon, C Company, 3 Rifles, deployed in October to Kajaki, the British Army’s most isolated Forward Operating Base (FOB) in Afghanistan, not one of them had had any catering experience or training. In less than three months they have not only come to terms with their remote location and the difficulties of food supply, but have perfected from scratch the art of pizza-making as enthusiastic participants in their commanding officer Lieutenant Will Melia’s “Kajaki Come Dine With Me” campaign....

However, it looks as if turkey will be out of the question this Christmas. “Although one of the lads did suggest we could make our own turkey out of Spam, pizzas are still our most likely meal on Christmas Day, complete with any fresh ingredients we can get our hands on in the run-up.”

One ammunition tin has been modified as a baking tray: “We have high hopes for roast potatoes and parsnips. Plus, Christmas parcels have started appearing from loved ones back home, so we’ve been able to stockpile cake.”...

Okay, so I am biased - just a little - about our British troops. Go read the rest of this one here.

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