Thursday, December 2, 2010

Atticus needs YOUR help!

THIS is Atticus. Isn't he a beauty? He needs your help:

From BlackFive:

Does Your Deployed Soldier Know This Dog?

Posted By Blackfive • [December 02, 2010]

[Disclaimer: Once owned a Black Yukon Canadian Wolf. Best. Dog. Ever!]

This is the story of Atticus. According to an animal shelter, a Soldier deployed to Afghanistan and left his dog with his mom. The dog ended up in the animal shelter. Not long ago, I had heard that Atticus had been put down by mistake. However, some really great human beings have saved Atticus and are now trying to find the Soldier. You might see interviews and radio spots in the Southwest about it. But we need to do more.

That is where you come in...If there is a deployed Soldier (probably from Arizona originally) who owns a Wolfdog, chances are, that his dog is in Colorado now.

Atticus: A Soldier's Wolfdog

by George Brauneis on Thursday, December 2, 2010 at 10:43am

Hi my name is Atticus. I'm a rather large and very tall wolfdog who's master was deployed to Afghanistan in service to our country. I was left with my Soldier's mom to look after me in Flagstaff, AZ but she was unable to care for me because I'm so big and I'm not all that coordinated. I've been told I'm as graceful as a bull in a China closet. I've also been told I eat like a horse. I can't help either I'm just a big boy with a huge heart and I'm eager to please. I was dropped off at the Coconino Humane Society by my Soldier's Mom because no one was able to care for me. Unfortunately the Coconino Humane Society had to put me in quarantine and on Death Row because I'm a Wolfdog. For some reason because I'm a wolfdog and I'm so big I was labeled as DANGEROUS and 'Not For Adoption' Fortunately Kathy at the humane society got word out to Danya Leshick the Director of Where Wolves Rescue. She also contacted Kim Kahl of High Mt. Desert Wolfdog Rescue. Danya and Kim set things in motion to rescue me and Ausra Rowell placed a wonderful plea for help on Facebook.

My new best friend George Brauneis of Hotchkiss, Colorado saw the following post by Ausra Rowell on Kim Kahl's Facebook Wall and knew he had to act on this and do whatever it took to save me. George has a wonderful wolfdog named Eragon and was able to work with Kim to rescue me.!/note.php?note_id=457867101427&comments

BlackFive has the great story of how Atticus was rescued from doggy death row, but now we need to find Atticus' original family.

PLEASE go over to BlackFive, here and read the rest. Then, spread the word. We can do this.

ADDED: Link to a msm story on the man who rescued Atticus here.

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