Friday, December 24, 2010

From "Anonymous Grunt": Spare a moment for the men and women...

I came across the following message and video - posted by a young American veteran - and was given permission to share his words, as well as the video.

"Anonymous Grunt - C co. 2-14 Inf."

I'm gonna get this out of the way so that I don't drag folks down on Christmas Eve. [Bratnote: I don't have such qualms, obviously....] Spare a moment for the men & women who are fighting overseas who have had to make do with passing different brands of cigarettes between each other as Christmas presents. (I've been there, it sucks...) Say a prayer for them, If you know... one, look in on the needs of their family, or mail them a letter just asking how they're doing.

Take stock of what their Christmas situation seems to be, and do what ever you can to make it better. Now's the time where homefront heroes are made.....Tak

"...Spare a moment..." today and every day.

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