Friday, December 10, 2010


Because everybody LOVES a WELCOME HOME parade!

ADF-7th Brigade Homecoming Parade. Brisbane, Aus. Welcome home!

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And for those who didn't return, you made the greatest sacrifice.
Lest we forget

7th Brigade Welcome Home Parade

Officers and Soldiers of 7th Brigade are welcomed home by friends, family and the local community as they march through the streets of Brisbane during their welcome home parade.

Over 2500 Officers and Soldiers from 7th Brigade have participated in a welcome home parade in Brisbane on 20 November 2010.

The parade was led by Commander 7th Brigade, Brigadier Paul McLachlan and was conducted to conclude their contribution to operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and East Timor in 2010.

7th Brigade units who participated in the parade included Headquarters 7th Brigade, 139th Signals Squadron, 1st Field Regiment, 2nd Combat Engineer Regiment, 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, 8th/9th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment and 7th Combat Services Support Battalion.

2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment (Queensland Mounted Infantry) also conducted a concurrent mounted drive past to celebrate their 150th anniversary. (here with more pictures)


Oh, and for an awesome video of the Australian Army Reserve (our allies!):


Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

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