Thursday, December 9, 2010

Homeland Security: Suspicious Minds

The US Homeland Security Dept has launched a new "See Something, Say Something" 'security' campaign - in Walmart! On the Canadian Walmart home page there is the slogan: Save Money Live Better. I have always followed that mantra by avoiding Walmart, but it now seems that Janet wants us all reporting on suspicious activities at Walmart. (Great choice there, since I am sure we have all seen those videos of the most strange, suspicious people in Walmart!)

Doesn't that give you the warm and fuzzies? No? Try this:

Better? I'd report 'suspicious' activity to Elvis any day of the week!

Really, we all know that security of America is no laughing matter, but seems to me that broadcasting the above video of Janet, and enlisting the help of Walmart customers actually opens a whole can of worms. I can hardly wait for those unintended consequences to kick in.

I also found a DHS PSA video for the Mall of America:

On re-thinking it though, maybe this makes sense! *gasp* After all, apart from the two most recent would-be bombers being arrested by authorities, most times it has been regular citizens who have thwarted terrorists. Janet may just be on to something here, after all. I might be forgiven for assuming Janet and DHS base their campaign on WW2, when citizens in London were enlisted to stay aware and report any suspicious activity they saw. But we all know that America is not at war. America is at the mall.

We are ALL [potential domestic] terrorists now.

Pay attention, America.

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