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Australian soldiers from Mentoring Task Force Two (MTF2) and the Afghan National Army (ANA) step off for an early morning patrol from Combat Out Post Mashal, in southern Afghanistan. (source)

And in a related column from the Australian DoD:

Darwin soldier on patrol in Afghanistan
17 December 2010

Australian soldier from Mentoring Task Force Two (MTF2) shakes hands with his Afghan National Army counterpart prior to stepping off on their early morning patrol of the Chora Valley, in southern Afghanistan.
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As day breaks soldiers from the Mentoring Task Force Two (MTF2) assigned to Combat Out Post Mashal prepare for a patrol through the Chora Valley in Afghanistan.

These soldiers from 5th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment in Darwin are feeling the onset of winter on this morning at minus four degrees.

Private Pat Wilson from MTF2 said one of the hardest things about being in Afghanistan is the weather. “I’m just not used to these very cold temperatures,” he said.

This is a partnered patrol, made up of Afghan National Army (ANA) and Australian soldiers. The Australian soldiers are a mix of infantry, engineers, snipers and mentors to assist the ANA.

The soldiers step off from Combat Out Post Mashal in the early morning, walking past the wall marked with the message “R.I.P Bewesy, Kirby, Dale” - a firm reminder of their fallen mates and how dangerous the region is.

Even though the chance of a contact with insurgents in this area is high the soldiers are experienced and well trained. Australian soldiers mentor the ANA to the same standard that they have been trained.

The soldiers said the pre-deployment training in Australia was good but the hand-over they received from the soldiers from the 6th Royal Australian Regiment was brilliant.

Private Brad Mosley from MTF2 said: “A pat on the back for our handover from 6RAR. They made sure we knew what we were doing, what we were getting ourselves into and that, if we needed anything or any questions answered, they were there to help us out no matter what time of day.

“Nothing can fully prepare you for getting shot at but having a close bunch of blokes
that have shared the same experiences that you live with helps.”...

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