Friday, December 10, 2010

Wreaths Across Canada

Wreaths Across Canada is a grass roots association of like minded individuals, with a direct connection and a passion to always remember and honour our nation's veterans, both deceased and active. Wreaths Across Canada will begin its real objective on December 12, 2009, by placing near 800 Christmas wreaths on each military designated grave at Mount Pleasant Cemetery in St. John's, Newfoundland Labrador. Mount Pleasant Cemetery is home to "The Field of Honour" and is dedicated specifically to our veterans.

Our ultimate vision is to take our journey across Canada, where each veterans grave will be clearly marked with a Christmas Wreath for decades to come. This vision is enhanced by a second inspiration popularized by the Wreaths Across America.

Freedom is a word that is used every day and yet its meaning is so easily forgotten. As a poet once wrote- "your freedom has been paid for in fields now far away." Brave men and women have sacrificed their lives to ensure our freedom and prosperity.

Canada's sacrifices and world commitment continues as men and women serve to ensure the well-being of ourselves and of others. Members of the Canadian Forces, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and other Peace Officers in our communities continue to provide the same commitment and dedication to serving our country, as did our heroes of yesteryear. In doing so, they should be held in our hearts always along with those who fought for our freedoms long ago, and as new threats present themselves, they continue fight today.

Our veterans and our heroes, are ordinary people who walk beside us as family, friends and neighbours. Each accepts their call to duty, not for recognition, but to ensure that others live with peace, happiness and freedom. Today generations have the obligation to ensure that all Canadians recognize and remember that the freedoms we enjoy … certainly did not come free.

In honour of their sacrifices, Wreaths Across Canada NL Branch dedicates their service to all veterans, past and present. Throughout our development we endeavour to adorn the grave of each veteran in our jurisdiction with a Christmas Wreath, this and all future Christmas seasons to come. We are privileged to proudly and publicly honour these brave individuals who deserve our utmost appreciation, admiration and respect.

Throughout the site, we will highlight and articulate our vision, goals and objectives. Please, if you are a family member, service club member or a friend to either who has a veteran connection then our program is especially for you.

Check out Wreaths Across Canada. Wouldn't it be great to see this go right across Canada?

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