Tuesday, December 21, 2010

God's Will

For the past while I have been following the progress of another of God's Wills: Billy McCotter.

Back in September Michelle wrote:

Billy is my brother. He's 25. A newly-awarded blackhawk pilot in the army. He just finished flight school in Alabama, and is on leave until mid-October, when he is supposed to report to Hawaii. He's been visiting friends, and had plans to stop and see several of you. As we all know, sometimes life doesn't go according to plans.

There are many details in this story. I will give the basics now, and share more in future posts.

Billy (or Cooter, as many of you know him), just spent the past weekend in the Florida Keys with friends. He was losing his appetite, and his stomach was hurting more and more.

Tyler and Melissa Haines went with him to the ER on Monday. They found lots of fluid in his abdomen, some sort of mass, and a bunch of "nodules." He had a CAT scan on Monday. They drained 2 liters of fluid from his abdomen on Tuesday, and did another CAT scan. They say a bunch of masses in the CAT scan, but weren't sure what all that meant because of the fluid. On Wednesday, they did an endoscopy. During all this time, he was on pain meds, and the frequency started increasing. But the pain meds are harsh, and they made him throw up. He's been throwing up since Monday night.

Billy was diagnosed with poorly differentiated gastric adenocarcinoma on Thursday morning. In basic terms, that means stomach cancer. It's in stage IV (highly advanced). The doctors say it's incurable and inoperable. It's too big and too far spread to get it out....

Michelle and her mum keep the blog updated, and it seems that many people are following Billy's progress.

Today, there is a post called Wishes...

Please go over and read it HERE, then spend some time getting caught up on all that this amazing hero and his family have faced. Main link is here. They also have a FaceBook page called Will's Hope 2010 which the family keeps updated here. .

Please add your heart to the ongoing battle for this special God's Will.

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Unknown said...

I have no words. Praying for Billy and his family and friends.