Monday, February 27, 2012

CounterView on Afghan Violence

From War On Terror News:


CounterView on Afghan Violence

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As Americans observe the current round of violent Afghan protests, and prepare to receive the remains of Americans whose lives were taken training Afghans to defend their own country, it is easy to say: "Screw them all!" It's understandable that many are saying exactly that, because the rioting crowds seem to encompass the entire Nation. After all we've done to bring Freedom, Peace, and Prosperity to a people living in the 14th Century, how could they possibly turn on us over this incident.

The first thing to remember is that those aren't "average Afghans" in the streets, and while the crowds seem large, the biggest riots numbered only in the thousands, in the capital of Kabul. Elsewhere, there were crowds, numbering in the hundreds, in places like Jalabad & Konduz. These are cities of tens of thousands to millions of residents.

Americans have rightly asked: When will President Karzai apologize for the Afghan troops that have murdered OUR Troops. When will he condemn Taliban attacks on HIS civilians. The answer is that he HAS apologized for the attack on Our Troops and he routinely condemns attacks on Afghan Civilians by the Taliban. So, the question should be: Why doesn't the MSM report those apologies and condemnations? Why does it only report Karzai's words when Americans are going to take offense at them?

The general American reaction to the current events, seems to be: "Screw it. Let's pick up our toys and go home." Some of those I would least expect to express it, are doing so. Again, I understand the sentiment, but this is a (normal) reaction that fails to look at the bigger picture.

The "Koran burning" will have a negative effect on the overall perception of American Troops in Afghanistan. "Somebody" was really stupid in how they handled that and politicians seem to have compounded the issue. BUT none of that justifies the current violence in the streets.

There has however been a huge increase in attacks on US and ISAF Troops by Afghan Troops and Police Officers since 2008. ...

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