Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sean Penn: That is the Falkland Islands, NOT the Malvinas!

Sean Penn proves what an ignorant POS he still is as he attempts to meddle in matters that are NONE of his business. From the Daily Mail comes this:

Get out of the Falklands yourself, Mr Penn...and stick to the acting

By Melissa Kite

15th February 2012

I used to quite like Sean Penn. And by that, I mean Sean Penn, the actor.

I’m not at all keen on Sean Penn the international statesman, if that is what he thinks he now is.

Penn has branded Britain “colonialist” for refusing to hand over what he calls “the Malvinas Islands of Argentina”.


Apparently we are “ludicrous and archaic”. Oh, are we? Well, Mr Penn, there are a few people here who think you are pretty ludicrous and archaic yourself now.

I know he likes throwing his weight around film sets but has he not heard of democracy?

The people of the Falklands elected to remain British. They didn’t want a fascist dictator, thank you very much....

That they did. Read the rest of this op/ed here.

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