Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DHS 'mismanage' chemical plant security??? *gasp*

From Homeland Security News Wire:

Lawmakers blast DHS for problems with chemical facility security program
15 February 2012

At a recent Congressional hearing, lawmakers blasted DHS officials for their failure to follow through with a program designed to secure chemical facilities in the United States.

Lawmakers blast DHS for failure to security plan chemical plants // Source:

This is beyond disappointing. You have totally mismanaged this program,” Representative Joe Barton (R – Texas) said to Rand Beers, DHS’ undersecretary for the National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD). “We’ve spent about $90 million a year, and we have no well-developed direction and no plan.”

According to Fox News, the program in question was originally establishedin 2007 and ordered DHS to review the nation’s chemical facilities to determine which were at risk of a terrorist attack or intentional sabotage. Those deemed to be a high-risk would then be required to work with DHS to develop a security plan.

According to an internal government memo from November of last year, NPPD, which oversees the program, had not conducted compliance inspections and had only recently begun approving security plans with thousands to go....

It gets worse. Go read the rest of this here.

Are you paying attention?

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