Tuesday, February 14, 2012

File under: Oh, why the hell not?!!!

From the BBC:

Abu Qatada release from Long Lartin jail prompts debate

"Prompts debate"??? Ya think? After the fact? That makes a lot of sense - NOT!

Abu Qatada, accused of being one of the UK's most dangerous extremist preachers, has been released from Long Lartin top-security jail in Evesham.

He was seen hiding his face in the back of a van which left the Worcestershire jail at around 21:15 GMT.

The UK government says he is a threat to national security but has been blocked from deporting him to Jordan.

Lib Dem peer Lord Carlile said people's incredulity over the 51-year-old's release was "entirely justified".

They walk among us, folks, and seems our politicians don't give a damn.

Read the rest here. The Beeb even has a handy dandy profile of this terrorist that nobody wants, but is now free to walk the streets of the UK

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